Lightpath Intros 100 Gigabit Optical Transport Service in New York

JERICHO, N.Y.—Lightpath, a division of Cablevision, announced 100 Gigabit Optical Transport Service in New York. The high-bandwidth service, which is delivered via wavelength over the fully fiber Lightpath network, has been deployed by a media and entertainment company to move large volumes of video across the region. The 100 Gigabit OTS is available throughout the entire Lightpath footprint and sold based on a flat, monthly recurring charge. 

Demand for 100 gigabit services is rising as companies across financial and market data services, media and entertainment, and healthcare move to support emerging needs for additional bandwidth. These needs include supporting cloud-based services, an influx of devices onto enterprise networks and an increase in volume, scalability, and quality of media content. Some industries, particularly healthcare and financial services, also face changing regulatory climates that require secure and remote storage of data. Further, the economics of deploying 100 gigabit are growing increasingly attractive as some enterprises outgrow their 10 gigabit service and consider the full range of upgrade options.

Lightpath 100 Gigabit OTS provides optical transport based on wave division multiplexing. The Lightpath network comprises more than 5,442 route miles connecting more than 6,000 fiber-lit locations.