Lighting and Batteries at the 2012 NAB Show

Ryan Fletcher gives an ARRI L7 light presentation.

A plethora of new LED lighting fixture companies came to the 2012 NAB Show exhibition halls this year, applying LED technology to almost all types of classic lighting fixtures. Several new plasma lighting models also were introduced.

ARRI debuted its L7-C color controllable, 7-inch LED Fresnel, which can adjust beam focus from 15–50 degrees. It provides color balance from 2,800K to 10,000K, and can produce a broad range of colors.

Bron Kobold showcased its Para 88 FB parabolic reflector, which provides a soft light quality from a compact reflector. The light source, sold separately, can be mounted on the front or the back of the reflector.

Tony Kremer (R) with Kinetic Productions questions Zachary Shannon about the new IDX Mega Elite air-transportable high-capacity battery.Frezzi showcased its Frezzi HyLight, a free-standing LED light fixture powered by standard broadcast batteries or AC power. The unit is available with daylight or tungsten lamps, in 24-, 32- or 50-degree beam spread.

IDX showed its X5-Lite, a 50-Watt-equivalent LED on-board light that can be used on cameras or standalone. It consumes 12 Watts, which gives it a long battery life. A built-in dimmer adjusts light output from zero-100 percent.

Ikan introduced six new LED fixtures, including the IB1500 Dual Color Studio Light, a large-bodied fixture that is dimmable and can operate between 3,200K and 5,600K. The ID508 boasts a wide beam angle.

Ryan Smith (L) shows Beth Hardin the new Joker-Bug 1600 HMI light by K5600.K5600 unveiled 1,600-Watt versions of its HMI Joker and Alpha Fresnel fixtures. With the Alpha’s easily-installed Fresnel lens, light is controllable and can focus from 5–60 degrees.

Kino Flo introduced its first LED lighting fixture, the Celeb 200 LED. The fixture provides color temperature presets from 2,700K to 5,500K. It allows on-board or remote dimming.

Litepanels introduced a new family of tungsten-balanced LED Fresnel lighting fixtures, the Inca Series. The Inca 4 (4-inch lens) and Inca 6 (6-inch lens) match legacy tungsten fixtures in a studio.

Chris Olsen (L) with Kai/Harding learns about the Kino Flo Celeb 200 LED light from Scott Stueckle.Lowel-Light premiered its Lowel Prime LED System, with a 200 and 400 model, available in daylight or tungsten color versions. They provide a bright and wide, 50-degree beam output.

Matthews Studio Equipment introduced its Skyscraper heavy-duty light stand series. The largest of the three Skyscraper models handle a 160-pound load, and can be cranked from 58 inches to a height of 15 feet.

Nori introduced its SquareBounce collapsible lighting reflector, a 3.5 x 3.5-foot reflector that deploys and retracts much like an umbrella. The system in-cludes both a white and a silver reflector.

Glenn Ballard with GCPS TV learns about the features of Litepanels' new Inca 4 and Inca 6 lights from Chris Marchitelli.Photon Beard introduced its Highlight 440, utilizing eight 55-Watt fluorescent lamps. The fixture is designed to light large areas or for areas where high levels of light are needed.

PRG unveiled its TruColor HS LED fixtures, which employs Remote Phosphor Technology to address color-accuracy issues inherent in LED fixtures. A single fixture is capable of both 3,200K and 5,600K output.

Rosco Labs introduced its LitePad Loop, powered by the Rosco LitePad light engine. It surrounds almost any camera and lens system; is lightweight; and produces soft, 5,800K diffused light.

Videssence showcased its ExceLED 25, a 25-Watt LED fixture designed for key and back lighting as well as general accenting. It is available with 3,200K and 5,600K models, with five spread lens accessories from 5–30 degrees.

Zylight premiered its 90-Watt (maximum), F8 LED Fresnel fixture, featuring a beam focus range of 16– 70 degrees via a bellows focusing system. A 14.4-volt battery option allows portability.

Nigel Gardiner (R) demonstrates the PAGlink linking battery system for Chris Schmidt from Manios Digital and Film.BATTERIES
Anton/Bauer debuted its QRC-CA940 Gold Mount solution, designed to help streamline battery management for Canon EOS C300 users. It contains three PowerTap outputs for any on-camera accessories.

BHV Broadcast showed an enhanced version of its Video Ghost power system, which brings phantom power to camera head-ends, monitors and other devices. The new Video Ghost provides 60 Watt of power.

Dynacore Technology Co. showed its DS-220S/A lithium ion battery pack, rated at a capacity of 220 W-h to support long shooting time. It features a built-in 5 LED power indicator and power-tap.

Frezzi unveiled its lithium battery Model Series FLB-100 and FLB-200 200 Power Bricks, designed for professional videographers who require a lightweight, dependable battery that offers the most capacity.

IDX showed a prototype of its Mega Elite 210WH battery pack, a battery case system that can hold three 68 W-h battery modules. It can be broken down into air transport-legal modules, then reassembled.

PAG USA showcased PAGlink, the company’s high-power linking camera battery system. The system of linking V-mount Li-Ion battery packs combines greater run times and higher current draw with air transportation compliance.