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LG Intros First 'THX Display Certified' LED LCD

LG's 24 MHz LH90
What's LED LCD HD without adding one more three-letter label to the mix – as in LED LCD HD THX? According to LG Electronics, it stands for the first LCD HD units worthy to receive a THX Display Certification nod in North America.

LG said its new LH90 series (now available at some American CE retailers) "creates a new era in LCD technology" because the panels are THX-certified. Peter Reiner, LG USA's senior vice president for marketing and strategy, said the LH90 line of HD units provides "advanced LED Backlight technology which precisely controls the brightness of specific areas of the screen, providing crisper, clearer pictures while using less energy than traditional LCD models."

The new line, first previewed at CES last January, boasts LED contrast-backlighting of 2,000,000:1 to further enhance video quality and color array. LG said it also built "local dimming" technology into the THX-sanctioned line — designed for greater precision in automatic picture control to achieve deeper blacks and a wider color gamut.

The new line also comes with 240Hz technology and built-in software (THX Movie Mode) that Reiner said allows "a one-button solution for experiencing studio color, black levels and clean signal-processing."