Leitch unveils two hardware control surfaces for NLEs, NEXIO Server Interchange Option for dpsVelocityQ at IBC2003

Leitch Technology has unveiled the JOG-5000 and FAD-5000, two new hardware controllers for the award-winning dpsVelocityQ multi-stream nonlinear editing system and dpsVelocity dual-stream NLE.

The JOG-5000 external hardware jog/shuttle controller provides tactile precision control for scrubbing, trimming, editing and remote deck control, such as batch capture and print-to-tape, within the dpsVelocityQ and dpsVelocity user interface.

Keypad buttons provide easy access to interface functions, including timeline playback, marking in and out points and performing three and four point edits. The JOG-5000 includes all of the functionality of the earlier JOG-4000 and extends it with a back-lit LCD time code display, USB interface and enhanced keypad layout.

The FAD-5000 motorized external audio fader controller provides an easy, tactile interface to the audio mixing capabilities of the dpsVelocityQ and dpsVelocity. Featuring eight touch-sensitive faders, the FAD-5000 provides precision control when mixing audio levels, while bi-directional communication enables the motorized faders to automatically track software level settings during playback. Additional buttons provide remote access to software functions.

NEXIO enables newsroom integration, instant editing and secure transmission of content by providing applications for ingest, browsing, editing and media-management that streamline workflows and improve performance and productivity.

Leitch also announced the Server Interchange Option for the dpsVelocityQ multi-stream nonlinear editing system. The dpsVelocityQ Server Interchange Option is a critical component in Leitch's Integrated Content Environment initiative, providing bi-directional media interchange between the dpsVelocityQ NLE and NEXIO, Leitch's line of video servers.

The dpsVelocityQ Server Interchange Option is a software plug-in, enabling users to browse the servers' MediaBase directly from the dpsVelocityQ user interface. Selected clips are then transferred to dpsVelocityQ for advanced, multi-layer post production editing and finishing. The finished result can then be exported back to the server in the user's choice of the server's native file formats.

For more information, please visit: www.leitch.com.

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