Leitch Announces International Sales

Leitch's Whiplash2 slow motion/instant replay system was selected by Vietnam
Television (VTV) for use during the network's broadcast of the Southeast Asian
(SEA) Games, held in Vietnam Dec. 5-13, 2003.

The purchase included six Whiplash2 systems, arranged in a "master-slave" configuration, allowing multi-camera angle capture of live action. VTV also purchased the SLO-MCS3000 Whiplash2 control panel, allowing multi-unit control by a single operator.

Leitch also sold a new generation scaleable NEXIO server with integrated IP networking to the Digital Playout Center (DPC) GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Premiere subscription TV station based in Unterfoehring, near Munich, Germany. DPC GmbH operates and broadcasts more than 100 analog and digital free and pay satellite channels, and required a scaleable server system for launching two new movie channels.