Leader offers new HD/SD sync and test generator

Leader Electronics’ new LT4400 multiformat generator is a compact master sync and test pattern generator designed for a variety of HD/SD video production, post-production and nonlinear editing applications. It can generate HD-SDI tri-level sync as well as composite and SDI black simultaneously via six outputs arranged as three pairs. Each of the three pairs is independently controllable, including black-burst (PAL or NTSC) with independent timing. Genlock recovery features are also available to match the requirements of specific systems.

In addition to its sync-generation capabilities, the LT440 also provides HD-SDI and SD-SDI test patterns, including color bars and checkerboard. A logo bug and up to 16 characters of source identification can be superimposed on the test pattern output. In addition, up to 16 channels of user-assignable audio tones or clicks can be embedded.

The LT4400 is 1RU high, half-rack width, and will operate standalone or rack-mounted. It can be controlled via front panel pushbuttons and backlit LCD display or remotely via Ethernet. A plug-in-memory card enables user settings to be stored within the unit or separately. Power supply is via universal mains adapter or directly input 10-16V DC.

For more information, visit www.leader.co.jp/english.