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Leader Instruments releases optional audio card

Keeping up with the demand for increased audio channels, Leader Instruments has added an optional audio card for the LV5770 Multi-Monitor. The OP43 includes loudness measurement, lip-sync timing and analysis and surround-sound monitoring, doubling the LV5770‘s number of audio capabilities.

The new loudness measurement feature is designed to help crews insure that content is compliant with the CALM Act and its European equivalent, EBU Recommendation 128.

Sync issues continue to be a major issue throughout the production and post production chain, requiring tools like the lip-sync timing capability now offered as an option by Leader. As multi-channel audio becomes the norm, surround-sound monitoring is increasingly critical.

An Ethernet interface can be used to control the LV5770 remotely over Telnet, detect remote system errors via SNMP, forward files via FTP or perform other operations from a connected PC. The remote control connector can be used to load presets, switch the input signal, and transmit error logs.