Leader dual-link signal analyzer available in Europe

Leader Electronics has announced a new addition to its range of compact test instruments. The LV5800 modular multimonitor platform enables broadcasters and facility supervisors to define a dual-link SDI/HD-SDI signal analyzer that meets their current requirements while accommodating for future expansion.

Twin auto-detecting inputs make the LV5800 compliant with all HD-SDI and SD-SDI standards, including 1080p/50 via dual link. Leader has included dual-link support as a standard feature of the LV5800, which delivers the data as two parallel 1.5Gb/s streams, which are easier to process.

The new LV5800 is the first instrument in the LV5000 series, enabling simultaneous viewing of four SDI or HD-SDI sources. This saves a lot of time when comparing incoming signal feeds and greatly simplifies the task of identifying a defective signal or channel.

Automatic signal detection enables the LV5800 to sense the input format, colorimetry and black burst or tri-level external reference input. Monitoring functions include waveform (YCbCr, YRGB, YGBR, GBR or RGB), vector (75 percent or 100 percent electronic graticule), five-bars gamut display for easy gamut error detection and correction, picture (with closed caption) and surround-sound monitoring.

HD-SDI, SD-SDI and DVB-ASI signals can be viewed and analyzed. Up to four sources may be monitored for level, rise time, fall time and jitter. The LV5800 allows threshold adjustment and can autonomously monitor feeds, producing an error log with alarm whenever thresholds are violated.

Digital audio is displayed as 3:1, 3:2 and 3:2:2 surround images, multilissajous, digital values in dB combined with error reporting and eight-channel or 16-channel bar graphs. The bar graphs have selectable dynamic range and peak or average display ballistics.

The new LV5800 is now available from elQuip BV (www.elquip.com), which serves as Leader’s distributor in Europe.

For more information, visit www.leader.co.jp/english/index.