KTLA 5 Equips New Truck With Riedel Digital Matrix Intercom System

GLENDALE, CALIF. — Broadcast station KTLA 5 in Los Angeles has incorporated Riedel Communications’ Artist 32 digital matrix intercom system into a new mobile production truck serving all West Coast Tribune Company broadcast stations, from Seattle to San Diego.

“The ease with which the Artist 32 system interfaces with my audio console via MADI was key in the design of the new truck, as was the system’s ability to interact with other facilities and their Riedel intercom systems,” said Patrick O'Keefe, manager of news operations for KTLA 5. “Serving as more than just a plug-and-play solution for a single truck, the Artist system can operate as part of a complete intercom system across mobile and fixed production facilities.”

Within the truck, the Riedel equipment supports both news and production operations. The truck is being used for news department remotes, as well as specials from the red carpet, the Rose Parade and the LA Marathon, among other events.

The Artist digital matrix intercom system is based on a dual optical fiber ring to form a single large full-summing, non-blocking distributed matrix. While the system functions like a single unit, it has no limitations in the number of cross-points within or between the different nodes of the system.

The Riedel team integrated the system with key peripherals and provided operators with training on the Director management software and Artist 32 frame and control panels. The intuitive operation of the Artist system will assure that operators can configure and manage the system.