K-Tek develops K-CAM support pole for Sony HXR-MC1

K-Tek has introduced the K-CAM camera pole, a mobile configuration designed especially to give video shooters more creative options when working with mini HD cameras such as the Sony HXR-MC1.

With the K-CAM, the user mounts the camera onto the end of a K-Tek Klassic camera pole, extending the reach and providing an easy way to move the camera in and out of hard-to-reach places. The new support rig can be used to capture unusual shots for sporting events.

The kit includes the pole plus a lightweight, sturdy swivel adapter for mounting the HXR-MC1 onto the pole top. A second monitor adapter anchors the camera’s control unit and miniature (2.7in) LCD monitor securely to the body of the pole. The K-CAM swivel adapter may be purchased separately and works well with other small cameras such as the Iconix Studio 2K.

The pole is crafted of high-density graphite fiber to ensure maximum strength at minimum weight. It features a thicker top section to provide extra support. The poles’ telescoping sections are held in place through a specifically designed locking system. Locking collars are outfitted with a soft-touch rubber sleeve for easy grip and comfort.

The pole is available in four models: the K-CAM72K, with a maximum reach of 6ft; the K-CAM99K, which expands to 8ft 3in; the K-CAM152K, with a maximum length of 12ft 8in; and the K-CAM113K articulated pole, with a maximum reach of 9ft.