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KRWG Transitions to Tapeless With Omneon Spectrum Media Server

KRWG, a PBS member station serving the Las Cruces, NM, area, has installed an Omneon Spectrum media server system for tapeless storage and playout of the station's programming. The Omneon server provides a foundation for the transition to a completely tapeless environment.

"We're very happy with how the system has operated for us so far," said KRWG Chief Engineer Bill Saggerson. "It has saved us wear and tear on our tape machines and provided a dramatic improvement in the quality of the pictures we broadcast -- even from a tiny 1kW transmitter when our main transmitter went down. We're also able to configure the ports quickly to supply the functionality we require throughout the day."

Using Omneon's play and record tools, KRWG is able to record PBS programs off of satellite and play content out via playlists. KRWG broadcasts an analog channel with a simulcast running on its digital channel. The server system is configured with eight in-and-out ports and features 10 terabytes of storage capacity.

The Omneon Spectrum media server provides KRWG with a reliable and scalable infrastructure for broadcast playout and storage applications, and its open architecture allows it to support a broad variety of third-party applications for control and transmission, media management, archiving, and collaborative production. Because it is a scalable, distributed system, the modular Omneon Spectrum server system also offers maximum flexibility in scaling system components and capacity in small or large increments as desired.

"Omneon has claimed a broad share of the server market, largely because its media server system has established a reputation for integrating well with other key systems," continued Saggerson. "It will allow us to expand easily to HD broadcasting and integrate the automation system of our choosing when we make that move."