Korean Broadcasting Systems rolls new 16-camera HD OB vehicle for IAAF championships

Korean Broadcasting Systems (KBS) selected LYNX Technik modular systems to boost its HD coverage of the 2011 IAAF World Championship in Daegu, South Korea.

The World Championship in Athletics is a bi-annual event organized by the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF). It was held Aug. 27-Sept. 4, and KBS served as host broadcaster.

To meet the challenges posed by the broadcast event, a number of broadcast technologies, including a range of the LYNX Technik Series 5000, card-and-rack-based glue products, were selected. A full complement of LYNX Technik Series 5000 interface and signal processing solutions, in 17 2RU frames were installed in the OB van. The products include: 3G/HD-SDI cards, frame synchronizers, up/cross/downconverters, distribution amplifiers, and control and monitoring systems.

KBS installed more than 140 LYNX Technik modules, which included: six PIE 5610 Multi-format Image Engine FLEXCARDs with optional up/cross/downconversion; three PVD 5660 dual HD/SD frame synchronizers with optional second input and down conversion; two CDX 5624 HD/SD monitoring downconverters; 10 PVD 5812 HD/SD frame synchronizers with optional second inputs; and 17 DVD 5820 and DVD 5810 dual HD/SD distribution amplifiers.

The LYNX Technik modular systems interface seamlessly with the rest of the vehicle's video infrastructure, which includes Sony HDC-1000, HDC-1500, HDC-3300 cameras; a Sony MVS 8000x video switcher and MFS 6000 backup switcher; a Snell Cygnus 288 x 480 video routing switcher; monitoring from TV Logic, and a VSM control system that manages communications between the router, mixers and LYNX Technik interface equipment. The audio production room includes a Studer Vista 9 audio mixer with integrated router, a Riedel Artist 128 x 128 intercom and audio monitoring from Genelec.

In addition to the 2011 IAAF World Championship, Korean Broadcasting Systems (KBS) will use its new HD OB vehicle to produce future events throughout the peninsula, including sporting events, live concerts and shows.

Broadcast Solutions, which managed the project as systems integrator and general contractor with local partner Dong Yang Digital in Seoul, was brought on board to assist KBS with the design and development of the new 16-camera HD vehicle. The new truck is partitioned into four production rooms — video, audio, camera control/shading room and equipment. The vehicle was completed over eight months and was delivered to KBS on June 30.