Korea Develops Mobile DTV Equipment

SEOUL: A Korean government-run technology lab, in partnership with an electronics company there, has developed a mobile DTV system for use with the ATSC M/H standard in the United States, Telecoms Korea reports. The Korea Electronics Technology Institute and DTV Interactive have joined together to make a multiplexer and an exciter for ATSC M/H.

TK said the gear was two years and $1.7 million in the making. Harris was a development partner on ATSC M/H and has been the primary supplier of the exciters for around 40 U.S. TV stations now transmitting in the format. Korean consumer electronics giant LG helped develop the standard as well.

The market for TV broadcast equipment reached $59.4 billion in 2008, with Korean companies accounting for just one percent of that, TK said. The collaboration represents the country’s initiative to play a bigger role in TV equipment provision.