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KHON Shines Bright with New Lighting Grid from Zylight

LOS ANGELES – KHON, the FOX affiliate in Honolulu, has flipped the switch on a new lighting grid to go with a new studio design. The TV station has replaced its 1K tungsten fixtures with Zylight’s F8-100 LED Fresnels and IS3c wide soft lights.

With a new one-hour live lifestyle show that launched in February, “Living 808,” KHON sought to reconfigure the studio, including its lighting grid. “Living 808” employed four F8-100s and three IS3c lights; KHON’s news set added 10 F8-100s. According the Denise Viesta, director of engineering, the stations electricity rate has also gone down since the new lights were installed.

Zylight, founded in 2003 and headquartered in Los Angeles, is a LED lighting manufacturer for the film and video production industry.