Kasenna To Support Windows Media 9

(October 13, 2003) Mountain View, CA--Kasenna has announced support for the Microsoft Windows Media 9 Series in its MediaBase XMP product line. The functionality of MediaBase XMP, including content management, software clustering, content distribution and Web service-based interfaces for application development, will now be available with the advanced compression of Windows Media 9 Series. This new support will enable service providers to offer Windows Media 9 Series streaming capabilities in commercial-grade VOD deployments.

Kasenna will offer Windows Media 9 Series support in addition to other formats already supported by the MediaBase XMP platform--MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and upcoming H.264--to give service providers broad coverage across all types of networks from a common management and distribution platform.

"By supporting Windows Media 9 Series, Kasenna is offering support for the highest quality audio and video for its customers," said Jason Reindorp, group product manager in the Windows Digital Media Division at Microsoft Corp. "This support shown by Kasenna underscores how Windows Media 9 Series delivers a powerful blend of quality and compression efficiency for commercial-grade VOD deployments."

"Our customers have demanded the higher quality offered by Windows Media 9 Series," said Mark Gray, chairman and CEO of Kasenna. "By integrating Windows Media 9 Series into our MediaBase XMP product line, our customers can address scalability, ease of management, and integration of their video applications with back-office functions necessary to deploy a service offering."