JPEG2000 Alliance to launch at IBC2009

Fast Forward Video (FFV) last week announced the launch of the JPEG2000 Alliance, a consortium of broadcast industry participants dedicated to ensuring the continued development of JPEG2000 as a compression standard.

As the founding member of the alliance, FFV will hold a kickoff session at IBC2009 in Amsterdam Friday, Sept. 11, from 11:15 a.m. to 12:45 p.m., in Room L of the Forum Center.

In addition to FFV, charter members of the JPEG2000 Alliance include 360 Systems, Analog Devices, Barco, Digital Rapids, Doremi Labs, the Fraunhofer Institute, Front Porch Digital, intoPIX, Media Links, Media Matters and Miranda Technologies.

Besides developing their own JPEG2000 technologies and products, these companies will collaborate to ensure widespread acceptance, deployment and support of the compression standard.

Activities will be centered on educating and creating awareness about the benefits of JPEG2000, promoting interoperability between standards and system devices, and promoting the development of tools by members and industry peers.