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Jampro highlights latest antennas at NAB

At the NAB 2010 Show in April, Jampro will display a new UHF Superturnstile antenna, TV mask/filter combiner and a broadband UHF slot antenna.

Jampro’s UHF Superturnstile Batwing Band IV/V 470MHz–860MHz antenna accommodates NTSC and CCIR channels. The Superturnstile features hot-dip galvanized structure for long life and reliable contact at important carrying points. High strength beryllium copper with soldered brass terminal material is used for fanner straps, and all connections are bolted.

The compact UHF RWED-516-U TV mask/filter combiner features four-port directionality that can be used as either a mask filter or constant impedance-combining module for high-power UHF TV broadcasts. The combiner has a cross-coupled design to accommodate adjacent channels, meets stringent filtering standards, and provides constant impedance performance for adjacent and channel separations greater than 15.

Jampro’s JA/MS-BB broadband UHF slot antenna is part of the company’s Prostar line and represents an economical alternative to buying, installing and maintaining multiple antennas. It provides a single, compact solution that conserves tower space and minimizes wind loading.

Especially designed for multichannel/combined channel operations in analog-analog, analog-digital or digital-digital TV applications, the JA/MS-BB arrives factory-tuned with a ready-to-install, elegant and streamlined design. Broadcasters can choose from a wide selection of standard and custom transmission patterns.

It can be configured for horizontal, circular or elliptical polarization, beam tilt and null fill. The JA/MS-BB handles power ranging from 2kW to 10kW. Input impedance is 50 ohm and VSWR of 1.1:1 or better can be achieved over sub-bands ranging from 470MHz-530MHz to 835MHz-890MHz.