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Jampro Builds Out in Saudi Arabia and Expands in Brazil

SACRAMENTO, CALIF.: The Saudi Arabia Ministry of Culture and Industry has selected Jampro Antennas to furnish turnkey broadband DVB-T antenna solutions to a 12-site network as well as supply FM antenna systems and related RF components.

MOCI specified Jampro model JUHD UHF broadband antenna systems to accommodate the digital video broadcasting side of the project. Jampro Proline rigid transmission line and associated accessories round out the system. For FM transmissions, MOCI chose Jampro model JFVD panel antennas in conjunction with Jampro RCCS Starpoint combiners, which are used to combine two or more high-power FM signals.

Jampro also teamed up with Mectrônica, the largest antenna manufacturer and contractor in Brazil, to offer service in the Brazilian market.

“Jampro is dedicated to supporting our customers with quality products and the highest level of service,” Perchevitch said. “Joining forces with Mectrônica combines the power of American manufacturing with an intense understanding of the Brazilian market. Together we offer an unparalleled resource able to evaluate needs and provide the most advanced, appropriate, and cost-effective solutions for digital TV.”

Mectronica, an iconic company in Brazil, has supplied antennas to the region for 35 years. Known as a pioneer in the manufacture of UHF, VHF and FM antennas, the Company is a leading supplier with installations in every Brazilian capital.