it’sMEdia Selects JVC Pro HD Camera for Event Videography Franchise

JVC Professional Products Company announced that it’sMEdia, leaders in Cinema-pictography, Digital Video you can print, in Roswell, GA has chosen the GY-HD100U ProHD camcorder for its event Cinema-Pictography franchise corporation.

it’sMEdia has developed a system that captures, edits and produces video from live sporting and performance events on-site. At each event, multiple GY-HD100U camcorders are set up and can be synchronized to record and capture video into it’sMEdia’s system where the video files are automatically available to an onsite PC for editing. The end result is a customized CD, delivered in minutes, that allows you to print digital video photos on demand, with one click—Cinema-pictography.

“We chose JVC’s GY-HD100U camcorder because of its enhanced quality HDV,” said Stacey Scott, CEO, it’sMEdia, LLC. “Because most live sporting and performance events are in fast motion, we needed professional equipment that could capture video at a high frame rate to provide the highest quality pictures from video footage, and JVC’s camera enables us to do that.”

“Commitment from organizations like it’sMEdia is an example of how the GY-HD100 can and is being used in a variety of applications,” said Paul Kasparian, vice president, Digital Video Division. JVC Professional Products Company. “We’re thrilled to be an integral part of this innovative and exciting new technology.”

At a recent gymnastics classic, it’sMEdia recorded different events on three GY-HD100U cameras that recorded simultaneously and at three different angles totaling more than 120 hours of video during three days of competition. At the conclusion of the event, customers walked up to the sales center, identified their child from three different events totaling 4.5 minutes of activity. The it’sMEdia crew then edited the video, burned a CD and personally instructed customers on how to install and use the it’sMEdia viewer at home, all in less than 5 minutes per customer.

it’sMEdia customers who purchase a CD at an event can easily install the it’sMEdia viewer tool on their PC’s at home to watch the video clips. Using the proprietary viewer customers can advance to a particular shot by using the frame-by-frame forward and reverse feature and just click the enhanced “print button” to always print the perfect picture.

A minimum of four GY-HD100U cameras will be purchased for each it’sMEdia franchise. it’sMEdia continues to expand its markets of expertise for franchisees translating into exponential purchases of the JVC GY-HD100U. it’sMEdia’s potential franchising prospects have been so positive that they are poised to surpass their original goal of selling 10 franchises by years end.