iSize Technologies' BitSave Achieves Cost, Bitrate Savings With Intel AI-Enabled CPUs

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LONDON—iSize Technologies has formed a strategic partnership with Intel to achieve a five-times improvement in speed performance using Intel’s AI-enabled CPUs to reduce streaming cost and achieve a 25% bitrate savings, the company said.

The performance enhancement made possible by iSize Technology’s BitSave precoding technology can save $176 per hour, per 5,000 streams, the company said.

“iSize is able to bring significant bandwidth savings and reduced energy needs to a variety of workloads such as VOD, live streaming, gaming and IoT,” said iSize Technologies CEO Sergio Grce.

To achieve the bitrate and cost savings, iSize worked with Intel to optimize its AI models of the Intel Xeon Scalable processors with Deep Learning Boost (Intel DL Boost) and the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit, powered by oneAPI, it said.

Distribution costs for premium high-resolution content are a major part of the total cost of ownership of video streaming. The cost savings available from BitSave running on servers with second generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors leveraging built-in AI acceleration of Intel DL Boost improve TCO, the company said.

Distribution accounts for between 75% and 80% of video streaming total cost of ownership, the company said. BitSave users can reduce bitrate up to 25%, which translates into $176 savings per hour, per 5,000 streams. This calculation is based upon a recent AWS whitepaper, iSize said.

Conversely, BitSave makes it possible for users to deliver higher quality content, for example 1080p vs. 720p, at the same total cost of ownership, it said.

BitSave precoding technology leverages artificial intelligence models to achieve these results. It can be integrated into existing workflows and runs outside of the encoder. BitSave works with any commercial and open-source codec, including AVC, HEVC, VP9 and AV1, the company said.

“Our work with iSize on software optimizations using Intel DL Boost shows how companies can take advantage of integrated AI advancements in Intel Xeon Scalable processors to reduce the compute power needed to run AI,” said Nagesh Puppala, senior director of the Intel Data Platforms Group’s Visual Infrastructure Division.

More information is available on the iSize Technologies website

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