Irdeto Cyphercast performs at the opera

Irdeto Access has signed an agreement with Gran Teatre del Liceu for use of its Irdeto CypherCast IP Multicasting content protection system.

Gran Teatre del Liceu, the world famous Opera house in Barcelona, Spain, will use the Irdeto CypherCast system for the protection of live digital opera performances broadcast through the academic broadband network to universities in Spain, Germany, Italy, France, UK and the USA.

In the first year the service is expected to reach 20 to 25 universities and in the second year a total of 50. The live opera performances will be subtitled in six languages.

At the Gran Teatre del Liceu several cameras will record the live performances. The edited content will be immediately encypted using Irdeto CypherCast. An ATM 155 Mbps link connects the Gran Teatre del Liceu with the academic Catalonian IP broadband network. Via this Catalonian central node the secured IP multicast signal will be distributed to the universities and also to the Spanish State academic network node.

At each university there will be a unique reception point using a smart card for the decoding of the content. Then the live digital opera stream will be projected on a 3x4-meter screen for an audience of approximately 120 students as a part of their "Opera" curriculum.

Irdeto CypherCast will be used to secure and protect the transport of the high quality IP multicast streams from the Gran Teatre del Liceu to each university campus client.

Irdeto CypherCast secures both unicast and multicast IP data that travel over open broadband networks including cable, satellite, telco and terrestrial broadcast.

Irdeto CypherCast allows the operator to group users and authorize them for various levels of access to multicast content.

Irdeto CypherCast can be used in combination with any streaming application such as video and data streaming. Applications could include distance learning, corporate training/ business TV, data caching and entertainment services.

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