iQ Digital upgrades with Ikegami Editcam3

Because the Editcam3 records digital clips to a removable nonlinear FieldPak, overall project-cycle time is dramatically reduced.

Production consortium iQ Digital, based in Akron, OH, has purchased an Ikegami DNS-33W Editcam3 ENG/EFP camera to fit its desired tapeless workflow.

Developed in partnership with Avid Technology, Editcam3 provides instant editing on all Avid NLEs. Marcus May, GM of iQ Digital, said that because the Editcam records digital clips to a removable nonlinear FieldPak, it is completely compatible with the company's Avid Unity editing systems, eliminating the need for an extra digitizing step. This helps reduce overall project-cycle time.

Introduced in 1996, Ikegami's Editcam is now in its third generation. The DNS-33W Editcam3 offers 2/3in, 520,000-pixel AIT CCDs, a Retroloop feature, Intelligent Recording and Timelapse Recording. The system records to either hard drive FieldPak or solid-state RAMPak media. Current FieldPak capacities go up to 80GB. RAMPaks currently offer 16MB, but will increase as solid-state recording technology advances. Editcam's 80GB FieldPak2 can record six hours of DV25 digital video, with DV50 and IMX formats available as options.

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