ION Media to Use Volicon Observer to Monitor, Track Programming

ION Media Networks, the nation’s largest broadcast station group is implementing Volicon Observer video monitoring systems at each of its 56 TV stations nationwide. ION will use Observer to maintain across the board Quality of Service (QoS) standards, compliance logging, and ad verification, while providing centralized video monitoring and review capabilities to its management. The deployment marks one of Volicon’s largest deals yet.

Observer offers a standardized, completely digital capture and monitoring solution for ION Media Networks, which previously relied on a variety of disparate monitoring systems, as well as VHS tape-based process to record and archive aired content. Within each ION station, Observer provides 24-hour monitoring and recording of aired broadcasts on two separate digital SDI channels with 30- to 60-day archiving of the video for later review and reference. ION Media has also installed a central Observer monitoring server at its headquarters in St. Petersburg, Fla., which allows company executives to monitor and review content by city and by channel.

A Web-based interface allows ION personnel to access content from any desktop to troubleshoot and correct transmission errors, demonstrate compliance with regulations such as closed captioning, and provide proof to advertisers that commercial content was aired as contracted.