International Audio Summit to Draw AV Pros

In an effort to draw AV pros, the International Audio Summit is now covering trends in AV production with lectures and workshops.

The summit is being held in Santa Monica, California, 17-19 November, and is organized by the Sennheiser Sound Academy.

Speakers from industry, science, and trade associations will lecture on topics such as new formats for production and broadcast, audience involvement via innovative audio applications and new wireless communication systems in broadcast centres.

A variety of workshops will examine important issues surrounding new production and broadcasting formats, next generation technologies, and audio for sports productions.

"The aim of the Audio Summit is to provide professional users with an independent international platform where they can share information about key current and future issues facing the industry," stated Susanne Seidel, president of global marketing for Sennheiser.

"We also feel that this conference plays an important role in giving participants the opportunity to make valuable contacts and to create useful links between research and industry," she added.