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In-Stat: U.S. Broadcast Storage and News Production Projected to Reach $368 Million in 2015

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ.: Market researcher In-Stat predicts the U.S. broadcast storage and news production system market will be valued at $368 million in four years. The firm cites the continued migration to file-based workflows, HD and 3D playout for the projection. (It did not provide growth rate.) The market will also be influenced by multiplatform distribution that now includes smartphones and tablet computers.

“The nature of professionally produced television is undergoing fundamental changes. Multiscreen content delivery networks and services will eventually push a great deal of professional content into the cloud,” In-Stat’s Gerry Kaufhold said. “Even for local TV stations that produce their own talk shows, news, sports, advertising, and specialty programming, the changes in consumer behavior require that content at least have ‘hooks’ and ‘triggers’ up in the cloud to permit the maximum value of professional content to be realized as it flows through an ever-widening pool of delivery services.”

Multiple platforms require multiple resolutions and codecs further complicate storage, In-State said. Some of the more popular video codecs include MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC, MPEG-4 SVC, Flash, Silverlight, DiVX and increasingly, Google VP8. There is also a move to consolidate storage traditionally divided into silos for production, ingest, management, staging and archiving.