Innovation Showcase to emphasize mobility, user experience

IBC2006 will offer a glimpse at how we will all interact with and consume media throughout the coming years at the new Innovation Showcase, part of the New Technology Campus.

About a dozen “next generation” products selected to highlight the importance of the user interface will be available for inspection.

Mobility will be emphasized with special attention given to areas in which the industry can help consumers benefit from devices, accessories and connectivity.

The showcase will highlight products such as color displays built into glasses, stereographic 3-D viewing, personal and pocketable projectors, virtual keyboards, enhanced audio products, ePaper displays and devices that enable time and place shifting of video programming for consumption while mobile.

Most of these items will not be seen elsewhere at IBC2006 and were developed outside the mobile and broadcast industries. However, with mobile moving into consumer entertainment, they have become more relevant and even essential.

Ken Blakeslee of WebMobility Ventures has researched, collected and designed individual displays for the Innovation Showcase. The showcase is sponsored by London PR firm Liberty Communications.

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