Infortrend, ATTO Technology team up on 16G Fibre Channel storage

Infortrend and ATTO Technology have announced a joint 16G Fibre Channel (FC) storage solution that provides an easy-to-configure, flexible and high-performance storage solution for demanding workflows, such as 4K ultra high definition (UHD) media editing and large block streaming.

With the wider bandwidth, the combination of ATTO HBAs and Infortrend storage is well suited to meet the ever-growing demands of server and workstation-based applications.

Infortrend’s 16G FC storage combined with ATTO’s Celerity 16G Host Bus Adapters (HBAs) allow users to edit multiple streams of 4K UHD at the same time. This innovative storage solution powers high performance streaming media applications that support increasing resolution and frame rate requirements.

When coupled with ATTO’s MultiPath Director technology, which connects both servers and workstations directly to enterprise-class storage, the solution provides users with improved productivity while protecting their data.