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In Canada, CHUM Television's A-Channel Goes Live With Ross OverDrive

CHUM Television's A-Channel in Barrie, Ontario is using the OverDrive Production Control System along with the Synergy digital production switcher for live news programming.

"Part of our corporate philosophy is to use smart technology to make our facilities operate more efficiently," said Bruce Cowan, Director, Broadcast Technology, CHUM Television. "The OverDrive Production Control System technology allows us to be more flexible and to better utilize our resources. It gives us the ability to create more content, more often."

A-Channel uses OverDrive for production control of news programming and live updates during the day. The productions are complex and fast-paced and include live remote feeds. Using the Ross LiveLinkTM MOS interface to the News Room Control System, OverDrive automatically cues and brings to air the resources for each shot in the rundown.

A-Channel News crews are in constant touch with the people and events that make news. With a team of producers, editors, photographers and reporters, along with state-of-the-art live technology, A-Channel News provides comprehensive, community-based news programming to over two million people each week in South-Central Ontario. Their "Live Eye" cameras are unique in their ability to showcase changing weather conditions in many communities. A-Channel hosts a number of specialty reporters unmatched anywhere else in Canada.

OverDrive enables touch screen control over the devices used in a production environment. The system integrates with the Ross Synergy SD and MD/X series of production switchers, leveraging their control interfaces over video servers, VTRs, DDRs, audio mixers, robotic cameras, routers, still stores and more. The product gives broadcasters the ability to manage resources more efficiently based on the production requirements of the show and deliver a more consistent product to the viewer.