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IBC2013: Zixi Partners with JVC on ENG Camera Capabilities

AMSTERDAM —Zixi announced a new partnership with JVC Americas Corp., on mobile, integrated, IP-network video camera connectivity. The partnership will focus on rapidly integrating cloud-based networking features into JVC ProHD cameras. Zixi said it and JVC believe it is inevitable that functionality that has until now required separate devices will be integrated into a new generation of mobile professional cameras. The first results of the new partnership can be seen in JVC’s wireless-ready GY-HM650 ProHD mobile news camera.

Zixi and JVC have integrated Zixi into the GY-HM650, allowing video delivery over the public Internet or private IP networks. Zixi’s engine provides delivery via a single 4G LTE modem connected to the camera without additional equipment.The GY-HM650 can also be used with Zixi’s newly announced cloud delivery service, Zixi Ramp. When using Zixi Ramp in the cloud, configuration of the GY-HM650 to deliver flawless video over the Internet involves entering a single IP address. Zixi Ramp permits the GY-HM650 to be used in many additional applications, including live, direct-to-website broadcasts.

Zixi will be available in the GY-HM650 Fall 2013 firmware release.