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IBC: Omneon Bringing Active Storage for Fast Production

At the Omneon IBC stand, an Omneon MediaGrid active storage system will be integrated with a high-performance production server to enable fast access to incoming media used in live and near-live broadcast production. Omneon will demonstrate how a single, shared storage resource can be the basis for a best-of-breed production environment, simultaneously supporting production tools from Adobe, Apple, Avid, and EVS. The Omneon MediaGrid also will provide the processing power for Omneon ProXchange to repackage edited content for rapid delivery to other media distribution outlets.

Also, Omneon will highlight new Spectrum media server components that expand the system's capability to support demanding bandwidth-intensive broadcast environments; show its new MediaDeck GX solution, an integrated channel-playout product that combines server playout, graphics, and advanced audio processing; and show ProXplore, its media clip and metadata management application with multisystem search, content movement, and organization based on physical or user-defined metadata properties. Finally, Omneon will show its Media Application Server (MAS), which enables enterprise-wide visibility and coordinated management of content. Built on standard IT hardware, the Omneon MAS provides an intelligent middleware layer between media content stored across multiple storage systems or video servers and the applications that are used to access that content or perform media processing tasks on content as it moves through its life cycle.

Omneon will be at stand 7.A10.