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IBC Launches Global Events Called IBC Content Everywhere

Video and linked content over mobile and the Internet has become so widespread that it's become an industry of its own. In response, a new series of shows called ‘IBC Content Everywhere’ will bring together producers of rich media, device makers, app builders, digital marketeers, big data and cloud services. The global series of events will take place in Europe, Latin America (the host for the 2016 Olympics) and the super-growth market of the Middle East.

IBC Content Everywhere will be launched formally in Amsterdam in 2014. It will then be rolled out in Dubai in November, 2014. In 2015 an event will be held in Sao Paulo, at a date to be confirmed.

In preparation for IBC Content Everywhere, IBC 2013 will see a trial of 'Touch and Connect' devices. 1,000 targeted users will be able to trial this technology, build connections with everyone they meet and everything they see at the show. This same technology will underpin a radical new approach to exhibiting, which IBC will then pioneer at IBC Content Everywhere starting in 2014.

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