IABM Industry Collaborative Group Endorses Video Services Forum

VSF recognized for its open standards development
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GLOUCESTERSHIRE, ENGLAND—Video Services Forum (VSF) has received an official endorsement from the IABM Industry Collaborative Group (IABM ICG).

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VSF aids the development and adoption of open standards for video transport. The company’s activities include forums on video networking technologies; exchanging non-proprietary information to promote the development of technology; and promoting interoperability by contributing to and supporting development of standards by national and international standards bodies.

The IABM ICG Endorsement program is designed to encourage collaboration across a range of industry issues and opportunities, including best practice, standardization and interoperability. IABM states that its goal is a “framework where endorsed collaborative groups will be supported, promoted and encouraged to fulfill their potential and move forward in an open, constructive environment to the benefit of the wider industry.”