Hitachi to feature SK-HD1200 HDTV camera at CCW

At the 2012 Content and Communications World Expo, Hitachi Kokusai Electric America will showcase its new SK-HD1200, a 3Gb/s, native 1080/60p HDTV studio/field color portable camera.

The unit captures 1100 TVL resolution images by virtue of its three 2/3in RGB 2.3 million pixel UAIT (Ultra Advanced) 1080-line progressive CCDs. The multiformat camera's advanced 38-bit digital signal processing results in low-noise, high dynamic range pictures with an HD-SDI output applicable to any broadcast or post-production standard.

Besides transparent signal transmission and camera power via SMPTE-311M hybrid optical fiber cable, the dockable two-piece camera system is flexible in its configuration and control. The Hitachi CU-1200 camera control unit can be addressed and controlled via the TCP/IP camera control network, and an optional routing system can connect multiple camera heads to any number of CCUs. Because one CCU can control two camera heads, this feature makes the camera ideal for stereo 3D HD production.

In addition to the SK-HD1200, Hitachi will show its Z-HD5000, an affordable studio/field HDTV camera system, as well as its HDTV Point-of-View box cameras, which are suited for a variety of HD production and outdoor remote observation applications. Also on display will be the DK-H100 and DK-Z50 in conjunction with the Eagle PT-E350 pan-tilt head, which supports pan/tilt/zoom of cameras up to 50lbs.