Hitachi launches new line of ultrathin displays

Hitachi has announced its new line of 1.5in (35mm) Ultrathin HDTV's, which will be available in the Japanese market in December 2007. U.S. consumers can expect to see ultrathin models in early 2008. These slim LCDs from Hitachi represent a new category of products that is being called ultrathin displays. Initially offered in three sizes (32in, 37in and 42in), the displays are designed to provide consumers with a range of options for placement throughout the home.

The new ultrathin displays feature:

  • External Electrode Fluorescent Lamp (EEFL) affords greater power efficiency, delivers better and more flexible color accuracy and delivers a longer overall life span for the display.
  • Wide viewing angle — By implementing In-Plane Switching (IPS), a vertical and horizontal viewing angle of 178 degrees maintains natural colors and brightness.
  • Hitachi's proprietary Anti-Judder technique (37in and 42in models) accurately and automatically eliminates the jerky judder motion. It does so by creating interpolated frames based on the original film images. It smoothes out the movement and correctly matches the motion of the original movie.
  • Picture master full HD analyzes and processes image at a high speed, providing high picture quality.
  • High audio quality is provided by the 6W + 6W digital amplifier and speakers located at the left and right sides of the bottom of the monitor.

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