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Hitachi introduces latest in StarBoard series

Hitachi Software's Interactive Communications Group has introduced the StarBoard P-55X, an interactive 55-inch plasma display. The StarBoard P-55X is the latest addition to Hitachi Software's StarBoard family of interactive communication devices. It consists of a sleek bezel frame with integrated sensors that fit tightly over the new Hitachi TH-55HDM71, 55-inch display monitor. The TH-55HDM71 monitor is a full 16:9 HDTV quality monitor with 1366x768 resolution, 1.07 billion color display equipped with split screen and picture-in-picture modes, high contrast black rib structure, screensaver and life extension functions, and the capability to support multiple video and computer inputs.

The StarBoard family of products also includes PC tablets, rear-projection systems, whiteboards and software to support this variety of devices.

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