HDHomeRun ATSC 3.0 Receiver Kickstarter Launches

(Image credit: Silicondust)

PHOENIX—The anticipated launch of ATSC 3.0 has people’s attention to the point they are ready to shell out some cash for it, as evidenced by a recently launched Kickstarter for the HDHomeRun Quatro 4K (HDHR5 4K) receiver.

The Kickstarter, created by Nick Kelsey, founder of Silicondust, launched on April 22, and as of the morning of April 23 had received $210,862 in support from 1,000 backers; it had an original goal of $50,000 in 30 days.

Updated: As of the morning of April 24, the Kickstarter has raised $273,087 from 1,280 backers.

“This is the year TV stations across the country will begin testing ATSC 3.0 signals, bringing with them higher quality video and audio, all using free over-the-air signals,” the Kickstarter reads. “High resolution 1080p and 4K content with up to 7.1.4 surround sound for anyone with an antenna and the right hardware.”

Kelsey believes that the HDHR5 4K can be that right hardware. According to the Kickstarter, the HDHR5 4K can receive every free channel available in your area. It features four TV tuners, all four of which receive ATSC 1.0 (the current standard) and two are capable of picking up UHD ATSC 3.0 broadcasts. A goal of Silicondust is to enable multichannel support so viewers can watch up to four ATSC 3.0 sub-channels across the two ATSC 3.0 tuners in HD.

HDHomeRun apps are able to run on platforms like Windows 10, Apple Mac, Xbox One, iPad and iPhone, Android phone and tablets, Android TV devices and Android TV televisions with HEVC support and FireTV products and FireTV edition televisions with HEVC support. Roku and Apple TV are not able to support all ATSC 3.0 features at this time, Silicondust says.

Having already met its goal, Silicondust plans to use the funds raised at the end of the Kickstarter to begin a “mini production run” to support these early adopters. 

Supporters who give $199 or more will receive an HDHR5 4K unit, with an estimated delivery date of July 2020; this has been the most popular option, with 872 backers already out of a capped 1,200. For $299 or more, supporters can get a development edition of the HDHR5 4K. At $329 or more, supporters receive an ATSC 3.0 DVR pack, which includes the HDHR5 4K, a 2TB HDHomeRun Servio and a year of TV Guide. The highest possible pledge, at $2,499 or more, is a 10-pack of HDHR5 4K for TV industry use, production or development, with engineering support. If all of this is too rich for your blood, a $29 or more option is also available, which will net you a commemorative coin.

One of the major concerns with the launch of the ATSC 3.0 standard this year has been that the consumer technology is not yet there to take full advantage of the new standard. Efforts have been made, however, by major TV manufacturers and others to do so. Silicondust’s HDHR5 4K is the latest such effort.

“We are committed to supporting anything the ATSC 3.0 standard throws at us, and at the same time doing whatever is best for our customers,” the Kickstarter reads.

For more information on the HDHR5 4K system, visit the Kickstarter page