HD brings out the green in Salad Spinner display

A Chicago Salad Spinners chain restaurant has implemented a new digital menu board system to enhance its dining experience and provide high-impact visibility for advertising and promotional displays. Salad Spinners is a quick-service food establishment that provides customers with selections of salads, sandwiches and soups. The company operates four locations in the Chicago area.

Salad Spinners turned to IDS Menus to excite its customer base and stimulate purchases with these new digital menu boards. The restaurant claims the boards have cut food cost by 3 percent since the installation by offering Salad Spinners many different avenues to market more profitable items while de-emphasizing lower-margin products. IDS Menus has installed its digital menu board systems in two Salad Spinner locations.

Six LCD screens with synchronized programmable content provide animated illustrations of how to prepare a salad. Periodically, an original large format mural inspired by the painter Grant Woods sweeps across all of the displays. This combination of multimedia imagery and original artwork was designed to provide Salad Spinners customers with a vibrant sensory experience.

Scala provided its InfoChannel suite of digital signage software, which IDS incorporated into the digital menu boards. The software allows restaurants to easily modify digital content on the menu boards.

For more information, visit http://www.scala.com/digitalsignage/index.html.