Hawaii station captures elections with Bitcentral's AirNow!

KHON-2, the FOX affiliate in Honolulu, is using AirNow!, a news production solution from Bitcentral that allows field reporters to stream video live to air without the use of a laptop, extra software or special training.

The system enabled KHON-2 to air live video from a local mall to cover shoppers’ Election Day reactions. Reporters who used AirNow! connected to the camera were able to stream content directly to the station for immediate broadcast. AirNow! allows reporters to operate freely in office buildings, hotels and shopping centers without being tethered to a live truck.

In addition, the station’s live feeds represented the first time images that were shot live from inside the Ala Moana Center, as the station's trucks are too large to fit inside the mall's parking structure.

AirNow! uses multichannel cellular data technology (EVDO) to deliver live video to air in real time. The system also provides a portable wireless hotspot, which converts the broadband cellular network to standard WiFi so any notebook computer can access it. This gives reporters the ability to use their AirNow! units to upload stories to the station from just about anywhere, even while driving between assignments.

For more information, visit www.bitcentral.com/airnow.