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Harris unveils new features for Videotek handheld monitor/generator

New firmware upgrades are now available for the Videotek HD-Star handheld HD/SD-SDI monitor and generator from Harris. The unit is a portable, battery-powered tool that provides multiformat functionality for monitoring and generating video and embedded audio signals. The new features —including input auto format detection and continuous picture motion in test signal generator patterns —are now available via a simple download on the Harris Web site.

The new input auto format detection upgrade allows for a separate format for the test signal generator and the input monitoring. The monitor automatically detects the incoming format and adapts the unit to display the correct HD format when in HD mode (or the correct SD format when in SD mode), providing significantly enhanced operational capabilities. The continuous picture motion upgrade provides a bouncing block at three different selectable speeds. This enhances the test signal generator output and increases the capabilities of testing MPEG decoders/encoders for interruptions in the encoding/decoding processes or wherever continuous motion is required in testing applications.

With such features as a video test signal generator, color monitor, waveform monitor, vectorscope, serial data analyzer and an audio analyzer/monitor, the HD-Star also features an integrated 320 x 240 color LCD display, utilizing touch-screen technology and a provided stylus to control and configure each operation. The unit weighs less than 1lb and runs on a Li-Ion battery pack, providing continuous operation for more than six hours.