Harmonic introduces new Carbon Server, Carbon QC software

At IBC2009, Harmonic is showing Rhozet Carbon Server 4.0, a new workflow-based distributed transcoding system, and Rhozet Carbon QC 1.0, a quality control product.

Carbon Server 4.0 provides complete file-based workflow management, including transcoding, quality control and delivery. The new Carbon QC 1.0 brings automated compliance and quality testing into the transcoding workflow. Together, Harmonic said these two products provide media companies with improved efficiency, reliability and scalability in a completely automated workflow.

Carbon QC 1.0 fits directly into the transcoding workflow and significantly reduces the amount of manual intervention required to guarantee the high-quality output of file-based assets. It analyzes both incoming and outgoing assets and can be configured to check a wide variety of video and audio characteristics, including black detection, silence detection, audio levels, letterboxing, blockiness, bit rate, duration and transport stream compliance.

Additionally, Carbon QC 1.0 can provide an automated visual comparison between input and output data to guarantee visual quality of the output. It can automatically check all video assets or a subsample and isolate those video assets that don’t meet the quality requirements of a particular job. Carbon QC 1.0 provides both automated checking of the content as well as an interactive tool to allow operators to review problem files.

Carbon Server 4.0 provides dynamic load-balancing and failover protection. It manages a variety of tasks, including quality control, transcoding and delivery. These tasks are distributed throughout the network to provide optimum processing efficiency.