Harmonic adds solid-state storage option to Omneon Spectrum MediaCenter

Harmonic (www.harmonicinc.com) has unveiled a new product in its Omneon Spectrum media server family that adds SSD storage capability as an option as a MediaPort module. Therefore the new MediaCenter SSD offers a choice of SSD or HDD storage. The system is ideal for broadcasters looking to ensure the reliability and availability of data stored across multichannel ingest and playout applications of from four to 12 channels in a single video server configuration.

The 2RU MediaCenter SSD chassis offers up to 4TB of usable storage in several SSD configurations, allowing broadcasters to choose the capacity most appropriate for their needs. The system supports up to 12 channels at 50Mb/s, with 600Mb/s total real-time bandwidth available. SSD storage reduces operational costs, as it requires less power and cooling, and it also operates more quietly than HDD-based systems.

Like its HDD counterpart, MediaCenter SSD is fully compatible with all other members of the Spectrum product line. It also ensures full media exchange and the same extensive support for third-party systems such as automation, media management, playout control and editing systems. The system operates with all Spectrum-compatible software applications, APIs and media formats, and it supports up to six externally connected Spectrum MediaPort I/O modules for real-time ingest and playout of video and audio content. Equipped with integrated storage, the system not only simplifies deployment by eliminating external fiber channel storage cabling, but also reduces space and power requirements by collapsing the rack space required for ingest and playout.