Haivision Purchases AI Company LightFlow

MONTREAL—Video streaming company Haivision has announced that it has acquired LightFlow Media Technologies S.L., a branch of Epic Labs. Haivision will incorporate LightFlow’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to assist with the development of its cloud strategy, as well as with other product functions.

The LightFlow technology suite enables Haivision to deploy an advanced media cloud orchestration architecture to help with the company’s ecosystem of modular video streaming and management technologies. LightFlow’s DASH.js implementation, which includes low-latency CMAF support, also will help with the development of the Haivision SRT Hub intelligent cloud media routing platform.

In addition, Haivision’s portfolio of products will also get a boost from LightFlow’s AI and ML technology, including for things like content-aware video encoding, content indexing and object detection, as well as optimization of video contribution, distribution and delivery for low-latency live feeds or videos on-demand.

In Haivision’s press release, founder and CEO Mirko Wicha said: “Haivision is a recognized leader and pioneer in video streaming with the Makito series of video encoders and the open-source SRT initiative. Epic Labs is a cutting-edge innovator in cloud development and AI for video streaming. By bringing our visions together, we are poised to enable the delivery of revolutionary new end-to-end media solutions that will transform low-latency streaming workflows—from contribution and distribution, all the way to delivery and monetization.”

LightFlow, based in Madrid, will join the group of Haivision global offices, which includes its headquarters in Montreal.