Grupo Televisa installs active storage, servers in two Mexico City facilities

Grupo Televisa, one of the world's largest Spanish language media corporations, has purchased an Omneon MediaGrid active storage system and five Omneon Spectrum media servers for ingest, storage and playout at its Chapultepec and Santa Fe facilities in Mexico City.

From its Chapultepec facility, Televisa produces news and other programming and broadcasts three major national channels and one local channel. At the Santa Fe facility, the company produces reality shows and other programming, and ingests commercials for playout.

The 24TB MediaGrid system at the Chapultepec facility will act as a central near-line repository for content, storing finished material that will be moved to Spectrum servers for playout and to Televisa Canales' media asset management (MAM) system for archive. It will also provide edit-in-place storage for multiple Apple Final Cut Pro editors.

AM Tecnología (AMTEC) worked with Omneon and Televisa to design and install part of the new tapeless system at Televisa Canales. Four of the five Omneon Spectrum systems are in the Chapultepec facility. Two are designated for main and mirrored playout, a third for archiving and the fourth for ingest.

Each server includes 16 SD channels and one HD channel configured for a variety of functions including preview, high-resolution quality control, ingest and playout. A fifth server has been installed at the Santa Fe facility for ingest of commercials. Once the commercials are ingested, they are transferred under the control of Aveco Astra automation over a private fiber-optic network to the main mirrored playout servers at Chapultepec.

The Spectrum servers interface with the Televisa Canales MAM system, provided by Tedial. Through the Tedial interface, the Omneon media servers communicate with Televisa's corporate MAM system, receiving content from a variety of sources under the control of Aveco automation. To move more than 10,000 files from legacy servers to the Omneon systems, Televisa is using Omneon's MigrateTool in combination with Tektronix Cerify for quality control. Televisa Canales also uses Snell & Wilcox Memphis encoders to ingest content and commercials in HD.

The complete system is expected to be online by the end of the month.

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