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Gravity Media Integrates Dream Chip AtomOne Mini Air Camera For Unique Tennis Coverage

Dream Chip
(Image credit: Dream Chip)

GARBSEN, Germany—Global live broadcast facilities and production services provider Gravity Media has integrated the Dream Chip AtomOne Mini Air broadcast camera into its new NetCam to capture in-the-moment action during a number of global tennis tournaments, Dream Chip said today.

The Dream Chip AtomOne mini Air is a full-HD camera measuring slightly more that 1-inch x 1-inch x 1-inch. The camera was well-suited to this production application, not only because of its compact size, which ensures it will not be obtrusive, but also because of the specifications of the lens and sensor technology used, it said.

The NetCam with Atom One Mini Air integration is able to achieve this due to the fact that the Mini Air lens is little bigger than a one euro coin and weighs 25 grams. It is capable of delivering 10-bit color depth and 1080/60p/i output to a 1/2.5-inch sensor, with rolling shutter, S-Mount lens and HDR compliancy, the company said.

Gravity Media built a special housing for the camera. It uses lightweight, but highly robust materials that ensure the camera is able to endure the shock of impact on the net without signal loss. Balls can hit a tennis net at speeds of up to 117 mph, it said.

Mounting the camera to the net gives viewers a greater appreciation of the tiny margins that can be involved with each shot. With a wide-angle lens, they can be immersed more deeply into the action than they would be if they were seated in a front-row seat, it said.

Beyond the net, the camera can be placed to capture other unique perspectives, such as near ball boys, court lines and the umpire, the company said.

“We were confident from Dream Chip’s reputation that they could help us to deliver real innovation for our clients, but having tested the Atom One Mini Air in the field, even our initial expectations were surpassed,” said Tony Valentino, head of RF and Special Cams for Gravity Media. “We were overwhelmed not only at the quality and reliability of the image produced – especially in such challenging, rugged conditions – but also at how the clarity and unique positioning of the camera enhanced the overall production our clients were able to deliver.”

More information is available on the company’s website.

Phil Kurz

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