Grass Valley Trinix router up to demands of 3GB/s, Thomson says

At NAB2007, Thomson announced that its Grass Valley Trinix digital video routing switcher has the ability to maintain current 1.5Gb/s infrastructures while transitioning to higher-capacity 3Gb/s operations required for more demanding 1080p50/60 signal routing.

The Trinix router was designed to allow users to route SD and HD signals in the same frame. Recent independent, third-party laboratory testing has validated that the currently available Grass Valley Trinix 128 x 128 (8RU), 256 x 256 (15RU) and 512 x 512 (32RU) wideband frames are capable of distributing bandwidth-intensive HD signals at 1.5Gb/s and 3Gb/s.

To take advantage of 3Gb/s operation, users need the required number of input, output and matrix boards. By simply swapping their current I/O boards with new ones, their Trinix will immediately be able to handle any SD and HD digital signal type, up to and including 1080p50/60.

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