Grass Valley Tech Boosts Horse Racing Coverage in Norway

MONTREAL—Grass Valley is trotting out a number of its cameras and control panels to Norway to help Mediatec Broadcast Norway, a part of the NEP Group Inc., to improve its horse racing coverage. The Norwegian broadcaster purchased 24 LDX 80 Premiere cameras, eight OCP 400 operational control panels, and two MCP 450 master control panels to install at 12 venues across the country that all feed to a central control room in Oslo.

All footage from the parks is being fed to Mediatec over C2IP protocol via a 3 IP VPN network to the Oslo studio. What previously took multiple OB vans on location now only requires three cameramen to capture and send video back over the network to the studio.

The LDX 80 has the ability to switch between 1080i and 720p and features the Contour Equalizer, which allows for tweaking of shadows, mid-tones and highlights independently. Camera updates are available through the GV e-License program. The OCP 400 offers variable matrix control, fine skin-detail adjustments and installation adjustments. The MCP 450 enables users to interpret and log all network activity between cameras and control panels, gather data through a spreadsheet-like interface, review camera settings and make camera-by-camera adjustments.

Installation of the GV equipment began in May, with 10 parks currently equipped with the new technology. The final two parks are expected to completed by the end of the year.