Grass Valley Moves Beaverton Office

HILLSBORO, ORE. – Grass Valley has moved up the road from its former digs in Beaverton, Ore. The company’s Northwestern offices are now at 3030 Alocleck Dr., Hillsboro, Ore., about four miles northwest of the Beaverton location. The new location is closer to the Portland-Hillsboro Airport.

Grass Valley the company, founded in the eponymous Sierra Nevada community in Northern California, developed its Beaverton connection when Tektronix acquired the company in the mid-1970s. The company was purchased in 1999 to San Diego, Calif.-based investor Terry Gooding, who in turn sold it to Thomson SA in Paris, France in 2002. Thomson sold the company—made famous by its Marauder-shifter video switchers—to San Francisco private equity firm Francisco Partners last year.