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Grass Valley K2 Summit transmission servers support NDTV conversion to HD

Indian news network New Delhi Television (NDTV) has converted its entire master control and content distribution infrastructure to full high-definition (HD) operations with the latest Grass Valley K2 Summit transmission server technology.

The new Grass Valley equipment is now fully operational and working in tandem with an OmniBus automation system to help NDTV streamline its current network of channels and launch new channels while meeting the increasing demand for HD content throughout the country

The project includes a new series of transmission servers that allows NDTV to improve and expand its business, while being fully compatible with the broadcaster’s legacy systems as well as an existing content archive.

Offering a comprehensive solution, six Grass Valley Summit transmission servers — each with 16TB of storage — have facilitated integrated file-based workflows to support the playout and production of NDTV’s three nationwide news channels.