Grass Valley IP, SDI Production Tech Helps Power NBC Coverage Of Olympics

Grass Valley
(Image credit: Grass Valley)

STAMFORD, Conn.—NBC Sports has deployed a wide range of IP and SDI production technology for its coverage of the XXIV Olympic Winter Gamers from Beijing.

The lineup of Grass Valley technology, which NBC Sports has used during coverage of the last seven Olympic and Paralympic Games, includes a suite of IP and SDI routers and Densite signal management products.

The broadcaster is using Grass Valley’s IP technology, including its Dynamic System Orchestrator to handle the scale of coverage of this year’s games from its International Broadcast Center in Stamford, Conn. The orchestrator is being used to maximize the benefits of IP technology, such as configuration, control and monitoring of the dynamic SDI, hybrid and pure IP workflows

“The capabilities of Grass Valley’s suite of products, reflecting meaningful input from NBC Sports, has provided incredible flexibility to satisfy our Olympic production needs at the competition venues, International Broadcast Center in Beijing and at our headquarters in Stamford, Conn.,” said Todd Donovan, vice president of engineering technology at NBC Olympics. “This flexibility has been especially critical due to the unusually short turnaround between the Summer Games in Tokyo and these Winter Games.”

More information is available on the Grass Valley website

Phil Kurz

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