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Grass Valley Ignite system supports Calrec

At 2011 NAB Show, Grass Valley will highlight the latest version of its Ignite automated production system. Among its many features, the new Ignite software (v6.1) supports existing or future Calrec audio mixing consoles up to 196 channels. Current Ignite customers can easily upgrade to Version 6.1 to add external audio device control while still realizing all of Ignite’s operational cost savings and technical benefits.

This new support for Calrec means that many of the same advanced audio control features currently available with Ignite’s built-in Klotz audio console, such as cross fading, backup sources and automation panel access, are also available with third-party interfaces to audio board suppliers like Calrec, thus leveraging customers’ previous investment in their audio boards. In addition, while Calrec consoles can be automatically controlled via the Ignite interface, a customer’s existing Calrec audio panel can still be used manually whenever required.

With the new software, up to 196 faders on a Calrec mixing console are controllable directly via Ignite. Of these 196 faders, 192 (maximum) are input channel faders, and the remaining four (maximum) are main faders that control the master output. Along with the ability to control Calrec’s Sigma, Omega, Alpha and Zeta audio consoles, Ignite 6.1 now also provides enhanced audio controls of mixing consoles from Yamaha and Wheatstone.

Ignite v6.1 also gives users the ability to switch between primary and backup faders. It can also be used to control the fader level of input channels, group and VCA masters; switch PFL on or off for a particular channel, group, main or VCA master fader; hold a source open to enable talent chat in an ad hoc fashion; and function with Ignite’s live and prep modes. It also supports customizable virtual sources.

As part of Ignite automated shows, the audio processing done by the Calrec audio console will also be fully automated. In addition, users can manually control their mixer from both the Ignite audio user interface and from the QUICbox automation panel audio sliders. The ability to combine both automated and manual audio control provides for ultimate production flexibility.

See Grass Valley at the 2011 NAB Show in Booth SL106.